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First Call Issues Anti-Black Racism Statement and Child Poverty Data

Today, First Call released the following anti-Black racism statement:

First Call is committed to ensuring that Canada and BC live up to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and that all decisions are made through the lens of children’s rights. We recognize that police violence against Black people stems from white supremacy and the long-term oppression of Black people and we condemn it in the strongest terms. We know this oppression takes a variety of forms including state-sanctioned violence, economic inequality, food insecurity, housing insecurity, and is evident in unequal outcomes with respect to education and health, among other things.

We also know systemic racism is not unique to our southern neighbours. Canada has its own history of police violence, economic inequality, and a myriad of injustices leveled against Black, racialized, migrant and Indigenous people. These injustices are often perpetrated by public policy including the apprehension of children from their families with devastating intergenerational impacts.

As a policy and advocacy coalition based on human rights and the right of children to grow up free from violence, we see the life-long impacts from trauma, marginalization and indifference. First Call is committed to shining light on these injustices and challenging discrimination in policy and practice.

In partnership with Campaign 2000 and provincial/territorial partners, we have issued a special report that examines the overrepresentation of Black, racialized and Indigenous families with children among Canada’s poorest families. And we call for government, civil society and indeed, all of us to take action – meaningful action to right historic wrongs and ensure Black Canadians and their families can live and thrive free from systemic discrimination and fear of violence.

Read the statement and data on the rates of poverty for Black and Indigenous children in BC here.

Read the media release.