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Federal human rights tribunal order on Jordan’s Principle

In May the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal issued its fourth order, calling on the federal government to fully implement Jordan’s Principle, to end discrimination against indigenous children in public services. This is a follow-up to the January 2016 Tribunal ruling that found the Canadian government is racially discriminating against 163,000 First Nations children and their families by providing flawed and inequitable child welfare services and failing to implement Jordan’s Principle to ensure equitable access to government services available to other children.

The Public Health Agency (PHAC), which is responsible for implementing the ruling of the tribunal, did not consider children’s rights in doing so.  In the most recent ruling, the tribunal found that PHAC’s program was “a calculated, analyzed and informed policy choice based on financial impacts and potential risks rather than on the needs or the best interests of First Nations children, which Jordan’s Principle is meant to protect and should be the goal of Canada’s programming.”

Source: Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children and the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society.