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Elizabeth Fry Society Petition

Join Elizabeth Fry in calling on the Government of Canada to ensure the rights of homeless and other vulnerable children are protected. The government’s current rules and delivery of financial programs do not often reach Canada’s poorest children due to lack of access.

EFry calls on the federal government to fix three key current issues:

  • Children living with grandparents, family members or friends in informal care arrangements don’t receive the Canada Child Benefit or Child Special Allowances.
  • Children who are homeless, or who have incarcerated parents, are not recognized in the group of children who are disadvantaged or in need of special supports
  • The Government of Canada’s funded services, such as Housing First, provide the same amount of funding for a single adult as a homeless mother with children.

Their petition is printable and can be returned to EFry or mailed directly to MP Peter Julian (no postage required). Every page of 25 signatures allows him or other members to speak for one minute on the issue in Parliament.