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Education funding budget reforms highlighted by parent-led advocacy groups

Parent-led advocacy groups have submitted powerful recommendations regarding education funding and reform for the BC budget consultation.

Families Against Cuts to Education (FACE) urges the Committee to increase operational funding to reflect the actual costs of providing quality equitable public education, increase capital funding to address deferred maintenance, speed up the Seismic Mitigation Program, build needed new schools and appoint a commission to find a cooperative funding model that ensures stable, predictable, and adequate funding.

The Parents’ Action Network (PAN) calls on the government to fulfill its obligation “to affordability” through a fully funded quality public education system that is accessible to all children, not just those whose families can afford to subsidize it, “to dependability”, so that every child can attend a fully resourced neighbourhood school no matter where they live, “to a broad-based economy” by providing a public education that has the breadth and quality needed to support a strong, innovative economy so all children have equal opportunity to reach their individual potential, and “to funding the human resources necessary” to support the delivery and integration of First Nations curriculum and culture into schools.

The BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) makes the following four recommendations: provide adequate, stable, predictable funding, revise the funding model, increase operational funding, and increase capital funding.

Read the full submission from FACE here.

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