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Earnings exemption for disability and income assistance recipients increased

Effective October 1, 2017, the Annual Earnings Exemption (AEE) limit will increase by $2,400 for each person receiving Persons with Disabilities (PWD) benefits, and raise from $200 to $400 per month for all single income assistance recipients.

The earnings exemption is raised to $600 for families with children and $700 for families with a child with a disability and for family units with a person who has persistent multiple barriers to employment, and allows people receiving PWD benefits to make money from employment over the calendar year without a reduction of their benefits. The AEE does not apply to money received from most other sources such as Canada Pension Plan benefits or Old Age Security benefits. The new AEE limits will be:

  • Single person with a disability: $12,000
  • Couple, one person with a disability: $14,400
  • Couple, both people with a disability: $24,000

Those who previously exceeded their AEE limit on PWD earlier in 2017 may be eligible for a top-up of benefits. For regular income assistance recipients the earnings exemption is monthly and capped at $400.

Read the government press release here.