CCRC Closing Gaps in Children’s Rights

At the federal level, Bill C-92 proposes major changes in the federal system of indigenous child welfare. At the same time, reform is needed at the provincial level to achieve better outcomes for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous children and to protect the rights of all children involved in child welfare. A new Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (CCRC) fact sheet highlights three high priorities for attention:

  1. Ensure that the best interests of the child are assessed properly and used as the primary consideration in all decisions related to the child
  2. Listen to the child’s voice
  3. Increase support for parents and separate children from parents only as a last resort

The factsheet is linked to a discussion paper that reviews provincial legislation in relation to the most basic elements of children’s rights; it also scans previous recommendations. The CCRC is calling for action on both federal and provincial levels to put children’s rights at the center and achieve better outcomes for children.