Campaigns and Issues

CCRC Actions for Children’s Rights in Canada

The Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (CCRC) outlines that implementing children’s rights adds value by looking at outcomes for children, not just dollars spent or which government is responsible. It also highlights links between different aspects of children’s lives by putting the whole child at the center. Children fare better in comparable countries that take implementation of children’s rights seriously.

To help Canada do better, the CCRC is encouraging public discussion through the following resources:

  1. General Measures: All Rights for All Children:  A Fact Sheet on the need to fix the system and four practical steps that could be taken in Canada.  You are invited to use it in your own circles as a basis for discussion on ways to move forward for all children.

  2. Closing Gaps:  Systemic Change is Essential for Children:  A research paper that analyzes how governments in Canada responded to previous recommendations and what the CCRC proposes as practical ways forward. The table covers systemic recommendations in various areas of children’s rights.