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Canada’s Poverty Reduction Act and Strategy Update

Earlier this week, the Government of Canada provided an update on the implementation of Canada’s Poverty Reduction Strategy. With Opportunity for All – Canada’s First Poverty Reduction Strategy marking its first anniversary, Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, released the report entitled Canada’s Poverty Reduction Strategy – An Update. The update marks June 21, 2019 as the date the federal Poverty Reduction Act became law, entrenching the poverty reduction targets, Canada’s Official Poverty Line and the establishment of the National Advisory Council on Poverty.

After providing the timeline and overview, the update notes progress on:

  • Canada Child Benefit
  • Canada Workers Benefit (in effect for 2019 tax year)
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement top-up benefit
  • National Housing Strategy
  • Poverty Indicators
  • Provincial trends
  • Poverty rates across vulnerable groups