Canada lags behind rich nations in meeting SDGs for children

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, adopted in 2016, set ambitious targets that apply to rich countries as well as poor. The most telling sign of a nation’s progress towards meeting those goals will be how well it meets the needs of its children.

The June 2017 UNICEF report card, Building the Future: Children and the Sustainable Development Goals in Rich Countriesreveals how 41 developed countries, including Canada, rank in progress towards meeting the SDG’s for children. In a summary of Canada’s progress out of 41 countries, with 41 being the lowest, we ranked as follows:

Canada’s worst rankings

  • No poverty: 32/41

  • Zero hunger: 37/41

  • Good health and well-being: 29/41

  • Peace, justice and strong institutions: 37/41

Canada’s best rankings

  • Quality education: 8/41

  • Decent work and economic growth: 11/41

  • Reduced inequalities: 14/41