Burnaby Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing “Quick Start” Actions

The Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing has proposed a list of 10 “Quick Start” actions intended to build momentum and engage residents in a discussion on trade-offs and solutions to improve housing affordability and accessibility. The task force will deliberate on these ideas for its final report, to be presented to City Council in July.


10 Quick Starts:

  1. Create a Modular Housing Strategy
  2. Regulate Short-term Rental Housing
  3. Adopt a Robust Tenant Relocation Policy
  4. Establish a Rent Bank using Housing Fund Monies
  5. Scale Up/Increase Additional Density for Projects with Below-market Rentals
  6. Partner with BC Housing, Non-profits and Private Developers for More Non-market Rental Housing
  7. Use a Portfolio Approach for City Lands Program for Non-market Housing
  8. Simplify Zoning and Other Requirements to Increase the Number of Homes in More Neighbourhoods
  9. Commission Land Value Capture Study
  10. Gather Data on Empty Homes