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BCACCS calls on BC government to collaborate on distinct Indigenous ELCC

The BC Aboriginal Child Care Society, a First Call coalition member, has released a powerful press release calling on the provincial government to collaborate with Indigenous families, communities, organizations and governments to create a separate Indigenous approach to Indigenous early learning and child care in BC.

The organization is seeking a process and framework similar to the one BCACCS convened earlier this year as part of a federal ELCC process that created a distinct framework. The press release states that a “singular focus on mainstream ELCC marginalises Indigenous ELCC and the cultures (and languages) it would protect, revitalize and durably support.”

According to BCACCS, “the challenges faced are not solely programmatic, they are also cultural, moral, and legal; they are deeply embedded within the continuing challenges to mainstream care and education arising from a great diversity of Indigenous traditions, as well as from our shared responsibilities to historical trauma and ongoing Indigenous marginalization, inequity and dispossession. Leadership for these challenges must come from within communities and nations, rather than be visited upon them.”

Read the full press release here. 

Information on the distinct federal framework for Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care here.