Campaigns and Issues

BC budget submissions from public policy groups target education, childcare, poverty

The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition’s budget submission proposes the following 7 key points:

  1. Significantly increase welfare and disability rates, and index them to inflation
  2. Improve the earnings and working conditions of those in the low-wage workforce
  3. Address the needs of those most likely to be living in poverty
  4. Address homelessness and adopt a comprehensive affordable housing and supportive housing plan
  5. Provide universal publicly-funded child care by implementing the $10/day child care plan from Child Care Advocates of BC and Early Childhood Educators of BC
  6. Enhanced support for training and education for low-income people
  7. Enhance community mental health and home support services, and expand integrated approaches to prevention and health promotion services

While CCPA-BC proposes the following 7 priorities for 2018:

  1. Fund the implementation of a universal, affordable, quality child care plan
  2. Introduce a comprehensive poverty reduction plan
  3. Strengthen public education and health care
  4. Make major investments in housing affordability
  5. Expand climate action initiatives beyond the carbon tax
  6. Provide stable, long-term funding for public transit
  7. Improve the fairness of the provincial tax system

View the full Poverty Reduction Coalition budget submission here and the CCPA-BC’s here.