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A Pathway to Hope: BC’s New Mental Health and Addictions Plan

 At the end of June, the provincial government launched A Pathway to Hope that lays out government’s 10-year vision for mental health and addictions care that gets people the services they need in order to tackle problems early on and support their well-being.

Initial priority actions in the three-year plan include:

  • Increasing access to affordable counselling and support ($10M in grants to non-profits)

  • Launching integrated child and youth teams connected to schools (starting with 5 school districts over the next 2 years)

  • Opening more Foundry youth centres (from 11 to 19)

  • Expanding First Nations-run treatment centres (2 new urban centres, renovations to others)

  • Expanding intensive services for children and youth (2 new day programs for mental health and addictions treatment upon hospital release and 20 new family care home spaces with clinical care)

  • Supporting early childhood social emotional development (enhanced early intervention services and new professional development for service providers and caregivers of children under 6)

Read the full report here.