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$10aDay Brief: Recommendations for Effective Expansion of Licensed Child Care Spaces in BC

The $10aDay Campaign recently released a list of recommendations for effective expansion of licensed child care spaces in BC. The brief explains that the BC government is committed to creating 24,000 new licensed child care spaces by 2021. Consistent with $10aDay Plan recommendations, government is encouraging partnerships with public partners (school districts, municipalities) to help achieve this goal.

The brief outlines two recommendations to address the urgent child care needs across BC today:

  1. Develop a provincial child care capital budget, separate from the operating budget, and organize the related operational processes required for effective implementation once approved; and
  2. Work with public partners to promptly begin adding custom-designed, high-quality, publicly-funded child care modular buildings to public property.

Representatives of First Call’s Early Childhood Development Roundtable will meet with Minister of State for Child Care, Katrina Chen, at the end of January to urge government to act on these recommendations.