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Health Concerns related to Fracked Natural Gas

A new report entitled Fractures in the Bridge: Unconventional (Fracked) Natural Gas, Climate Change and Human Health, published by the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), explores research into health issues affecting populations living near unconventional oil and gas operations. Currently most of Canada’s unconventional gas is produced in northeastern MORE

Campaigns and Issues

Fundraising Gala Speaker Announcement

We are so excited to announce Dr. Melissa Lem as the keynote speaker for our First Call Fundraising Gala on February 27, 2020. She is a board member of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, strategic advisor to the BC Parks Foundation, journalist for various media outlines, was a resident MORE


Children’s Rights and Environments: 2018 Call for Manuscripts

The Canadian Journal of Children’s Rights is welcoming manuscripts from academics, researchers, community partners and young people that address the broad theme of Children’s Rights and Environments. The Editors encourage a variety of contributions including scholarly essays, original research articles, comparative analyses, critical reviews, advocacy and policy articles as well MORE


Election 2017 party responses to First Call coalition questions

On behalf of our 101 member organizations, First Call sent questions from our 2017 Provincial Election Toolkit to each of the three main parties in this election. All three parties have responded, and we encourage everyone to read their answers to our questions about putting the interests of children, youth MORE