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Tri-Cities Child Care Action Plans Survey

The Cities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody (the Tri-Cities) are working together to assess the needs for child care in their respective communities.  A key part of the process involves hearing the views of parents and guardians (both current and future planning) on child care issues and priorities. MORE


BCACCS Resource Centre Cultural Kits

The BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS) has nine cultural kits in their Resource Centre on the topics of salmon, bear, eagle, raven, coyote, owl, canoe, drum, and cedar. In developing the kits, they chose to include a mix of resources to support teaching and learning from an Indigenous perspective, highlighting the MORE


City of Prince Rupert Seeking Perspectives for the Child Care Assessment and Action Plan

The City of Prince Rupert is seeking perspectives for the Child Care Assessment and Action Plan will provide the community with a clear picture of existing and future child care needs along with actions to realizing space creation targets. There are surveys for parents and child care providers, as well as activities to hear directly from MORE


Policy Researchers Find Investments in Children’s Health Pay for Themselves

Nathaniel Hendren & Ben Sprung-Keyser released their research on historical policy changes in the US over the past half century, including social insurance, education and job training, taxes and cash transfers, and in-kind transfers. Not only did the research find that direct investments in the health and education of low-income children yield MORE


Opportunity to Participate in Waitlisted Project BC

Amanda Burnett launched the Waitlisted Project BC earlier this year to highlight the stories of parents across B.C. who want access to affordable, quality child-care. She finds that many parents who share their stories are resorting to other methods of child care, such as asking their parents to watch their MORE

Campaigns and Issues

MCFD New Child Care Spaces Funding Announcement

This week, Minister of Children and Family Development Katrine Conroy and Minister of State for Child Care Katrina Chen announced that they have tripled the funding maximums for creating new licensed child care spaces. The maximum funding amount available from the Childcare BC New Spaces Fund to public-sector organizations, such as local MORE


Mary Thomas Memorial ECE Scholarship

BC Aboriginal Child Care Society offers one $1000 scholarship for eligible Basic Early Childhood Education (ECE) students and one $1500 scholarship for eligible Post-Basic ECE students. The Mary Thomas Memorial ECE Scholarship is awarded after you have completed your Basic or Post-Basic ECE certificate or diploma program. Deadline is July 31, 2019.


A bad bargain for us all: Why the market doesn’t deliver child care that works for Canadian children and families

Martha Friendly, founder and Executive Director of the Childcare Resource and Research Unit, recently published an occasional paper explaining why the market doesn’t deliver child care that works for Canadian children and families. Even with recent investments in child care across the country, quality continues to be a matter or concern, including MORE