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UNICEF Index ‘Where We Stand: The Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-Being’

UNICEF Canada recently launched the Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-Being. This is a framework to communicate to Canadians what Canada is like for kids from birth to age 18, track progress for their rights and well-being, and guide action to address the greatest challenges. Canada’s middle position among its MORE


Research to Practice Network: Mental Health Literacy and Community Social Service Practice

The Research to Practice Network is a collection of academics and researchers working in collaborative partnership with The Federation of Community Social Services of BC to provide practitioners with insight into emerging research in the field of child and family practice. They recently released an article by Patty Ranahan from Concordia University to discuss MORE

Campaigns and Issues

MCFD Releases Summary Report of Children and Youth with Special Needs Service Framework Development 

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) is developing a service framework to better support children and youth with special needs (CYSN) and their families. The framework will guide how the ministry provides and funds CYSN programs and services and will be ready for phased implementation in spring 2020. MORE

Campaigns and Issues

First Call’s Budget 2020 Submission

 In this year’s BC budget submission, First Call highlights five recommendations from our 2018 Child Poverty Report Card starting with important targeted poverty reduction measures for families living in deep poverty. Our Key Recommendations: 1. Increase income supports for families living in deep poverty 2. Invest in early childhood 3. Ensure MORE