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Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC Extended Family Program

Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC helps Aboriginal peoples in BC understand their legal rights by providing legal information and connecting communities to legal support. Their website relaunch features five videos sharing experiences of overcoming complicated legal issues with the help of Legal Aid BC. One of these videos is Doris’s story about taking her grandchild MORE

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Study finds links between school music participation and academic achievement

 A recent study by researchers at the University of British Columbia found that higher levels of music participation in students in grades 7-12 correlated with higher exam scores in all subjects. Highly engaged instrumental music students were, on average, academically over 1 year ahead of their peers. The findings suggest MORE

Campaigns and Issues

Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth Special Project on Children and Youth with Neuro-Diverse Special Needs

In June, First Call sent in a submission to the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth Special Project on Children and Youth with Neuro-Diverse Special Needs. Our submission focuses on: acting on a strong commitment to early childhood development and the evidence underscoring the importance of the early years; barriers to MORE


Call for Abstracts for International Research Conference on Adolescents and Adults with FASD

Although there have been thousands of published articles in FASD in general, there has been limited research specifically on adolescents and adults with FASD or on individuals across the lifespan. UBC’s Interprofessional Continuing Education is hosting an interactive conference in 2020 that will provide an opportunity to be at the MORE


Spotlight’s Best Practices: Child Welfare Journalism Report

Dylan Cohen, Fostering Change Campaign Organizer, worked with Spotlight: Child Welfare to discuss the best practices for journalists interviewing youth, parents and others with lived experience in the child welfare system. He developed tip sheets drawing on existing literature, his own experiences with media, and interviews with youth and parents MORE