Our Work


First Call is a respected voice for children and youth in BC.


We put children and youth first through three strategies:


1. Public Education

First Call works to raise the public profile of child and youth issues through public education and the dissemination of knowledge:

  • We receive regular praise for our weekly newsletter, The Child and Youth Advocate, which is a round-up of new research, resources, opportunities, news, campaigns and events happening in the child and youth sector in BC and Canada
  • We present in the community on child, youth and family issues and advocacy skills
  • We are known as thought-leaders for child and youth issues in BC and regularly provide commentary and analysis to media
  • We publish research reports and fact sheets to inform our members, government decision-makers and the general public about child and youth issues in BC


2. Community Mobilization

First Call works to mobilize local and provincial support for children and youth:

  • Our monthly coalition meetings focus on various issues under the 4 Keys to Success for Children and Youth and facilitate dialogue across sectors and with government decision-makers
  • We run a number of campaigns as well as support complementary campaigns to mobilize people to advocate for public policy changes for the benefit of children and youth
  • We produce election toolkits for all municipal, provincial and federal elections for use by our members and allies to mobilize their networks to ensure that children and youth are on the political agenda
  • We host an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Roundtable that facilitates dialogue across ECD stakeholders and with government decision-makers


3. Public Policy Advocacy

First Call advocates for public policies and investments that benefit children and youth:

  • We produce a widely used and highly respected annual BC Child Poverty Report Card that includes a detailed list of policy recommendations for municipal, provincial and federal governments
  • We host the Living Wage for Families Campaign to advocate for living wages as a key solution to child poverty and to raise awareness about the negative impact of low-wage poverty on families and communities throughout BC
  • We maintain regular correspondence and dialogue with government decision-makers on a range of child and youth issues
  • We produce annual provincial and federal budget submissions with recommended investments and policy changes for the benefit of children and youth


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“First Call is unique in Canada in bringing organizations and people from many sectors together to focus on advocacy for children and youth.


Since its inception in 1991, it has created a coalition of professional and community advocates in support of a prevention and investment agenda for children and youth including but not limited to health, education, social services, youth justice, child protection and anti-poverty groups.


The breadth and depth of these partnerships have provided comprehensive expert advice to successive provincial and federal governments about the needs of BC’s children, youth and families and examples of best practices in service delivery.”


– Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, BC’s past Representative for Children and Youth