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Income inequality continues to rise: CPA

Income inequality continues to rise, notes a new report from the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. Recent OECD data show the top 1% of Canadians hold more than 15% of overall wealth in the country, and in 2012 the richest 20% of Canadian households held 67% of the country’s net MORE


Canada lags behind rich nations in meeting SDGs for children

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, adopted in 2016, set ambitious targets that apply to rich countries as well as poor. The most telling sign of a nation’s progress towards meeting those goals will be how well it meets the needs of its children. The June 2017 UNICEF report card, Building the Future: MORE

Campaigns and Issues

NDP government sworn in and new cabinet ministers announced

First Call congratulates all new ministers on their appointments, and we look forward to educating key ministers about the work of First Call and addressing issues and recommendations related to our 4 Keys to Success. The First Call BC Election Toolkit addressed key policy areas, noted below, which we look MORE


BCPRC – Talking Poverty Podcast

BC Poverty Reduction Coalition’s volunteer Poverty Free Action Team has released the third episode of their Talking Poverty podcast. They interview Heather McCain, executive director of Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods, about Sharing Our Realities: Life on Disability Assistance in British Columbia, a new report co-written with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition. Listen MORE


Election 2017 party responses to First Call coalition questions

On behalf of our 101 member organizations, First Call sent questions from our 2017 Provincial Election Toolkit to each of the three main parties in this election. All three parties have responded, and we encourage everyone to read their answers to our questions about putting the interests of children, youth MORE

Campaigns and Issues

#Waiting4UCanada Campaign

February 23, 2017, is the 10-year anniversary of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on First Nations Child Welfare being filed. In 2016, the tribunal ruled in favour of First Nations children, but since then little has been done. Check out the hashtag #Waiting4UCanada on Twitter to learn how Indigenous children MORE


BC worst economy for younger generations

When the economy squeezes the generations raising young children, it risks squeezing the kids that they raise, according to a new study by Generation Squeeze. #CodeRed: B.C. is the worst performing economy in Canada for younger generations looks at how the economy performs for younger generations (under age 45). The MORE