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CRCRC federal budget 2017 analysis children and families

We have big gaps to fill with smarter policies, services and investments to boost lagging child well-being outcomes, says the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children in response to the 2017 federal budget. The CCRC’s analysis includes excellent detail on what’s new in the budget for children and youth MORE

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2016 BC Child Poverty Report Card: Where’s the accountability for children growing up in poverty in BC?

Data in the 2016 BC Child Poverty Report Card, released November 24, 2016, by First Call, highlights how growing income inequality among BC families has one in five of our children living in poverty, and how our failure to properly support youth as they leave foster care is putting many MORE


Proposed changes to Canadian maternity and parental leave – Resources online

The Childcare Resource and Research Unit has created an Issue File to inform discussion about maternity and parental leave. The Canadian government has released a discussion paper and online consultation for considering two new options for eligible Canadians on leave from work to care for a newborn or a newly MORE