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Programs that teach emotional intelligence in schools have lasting impact

A recent study published in the July/August issue of Child Development with the involvement of the UBC Human Early Learning Partnership, identifies the immediate and long-term impact of in-school social-emotional learning programs. The new study analyzed results from 82 different programs involving more than 97,000 students from kindergarten to middle school in the U.S., MORE

Campaigns and Issues

NDP government sworn in and new cabinet ministers announced

First Call congratulates all new ministers on their appointments, and we look forward to educating key ministers about the work of First Call and addressing issues and recommendations related to our 4 Keys to Success. The First Call BC Election Toolkit addressed key policy areas, noted below, which we look MORE


Study looks at BC’s Aboriginal Infant Development Program

A new study from UBC, Relational pathways in early intervention: Research summary report for the Aboriginal Infant Development Program of British Columbia, by Alison Gerlach, aims to answer questions about how Aboriginal Infant Development Programs (AIDPs) influence the health and well-being of Indigenous families, infants and young children and how MORE


Success by 6 profiled for Aboriginal ECD work

In a profile of the provincial Success by 6 initiative, the Canadian Council on Social Determinants of Health recognized the impact their work has in communities throughout BC, on social determinants that include healthy child development, education and literacy, social and physical environments and culture, as well as the initiative’s MORE


HELP publications

The Human Early Learning Partnership at UBC has published two new documents: a list of all publications and research, and Volume 1 of HELP Reads, the Human Development Research Review, a monthly list of human development citations dealing with topics that range from human development, particularly social epigenetics, social determinants MORE


State of Children from Birth to Age 5 across Developed Nations: How Do Their Early Childhood Policies Compare?

This study ranks the quality of early childhood policies and services within 35 member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in three domains of early childhood development: family support, health and education. Canada was found to be among the bottom four countries in the education domain. MORE


Free online child trauma courses

The Child Trauma Academy offers short, free online courses on topics such as brain development, childhood trauma, the cost of caring (secondary traumatic stress), and bonding and attachment in maltreated children. These courses are designed for those with an interest in the topic but who do not necessarily have a MORE