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Election 2017 party responses to First Call coalition questions

On behalf of our 101 member organizations, First Call sent questions from our 2017 Provincial Election Toolkit to each of the three main parties in this election. All three parties have responded, and we encourage everyone to read their answers to our questions about putting the interests of children, youth MORE

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First Call op-ed: BC Budget 2017 fails to fill the hole we’ve dug for children, youth and families

Over the last 15 years provincial child-serving ministries, school districts, post-secondary institutions and community service agencies serving children, youth and families had their provincial funding slashed or squeezed. Meanwhile inflation, growing service needs and increased government-imposed fees and costs forced them to cannibalize and reduce their services to balance their MORE


First Call coalition submissions to the RCY Act review

Several First Call coalition members, including the BC Association of Social Workers, BC Government and Service Employees’ Union and West Coast LEAF, each made a submission to the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth’s recent review of the Representative for Children and Youth Act. First Call made seven recommendations MORE