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Federal human rights tribunal order on Jordan’s Principle

In May the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal issued its fourth order, calling on the federal government to fully implement Jordan’s Principle, to end discrimination against indigenous children in public services. This is a follow-up to the January 2016 Tribunal ruling that found the Canadian government is racially discriminating against 163,000 First MORE

Campaigns and Issues

First Call urges Senate to pass Bill S-206 to repeal section 43 to end physical punishment of children

First Call recently sent a letter to all Canadian senators, asking them to support Bill S-206, which would repeal section 43 of the Criminal Code. Section 43, also known as the “spanking law,” permits the use of force for disciplining children by parents and persons standing in place of parents. MORE


KidsRights Index 2017: Canada ranks 45 out of 165 countries

The annual KidsRights Index ranks how countries adhere to and are equipped to improve children’s rights. Many vulnerable and marginalized groups including refugees and street children are widely discriminated against. KidsRights urges all 165 countries listed in the index to treat non-discrimination as a policy priority in 2017. The rise MORE


CLEBC webcast to launch the CBA Child Rights Toolkit

The Canadian Bar Association is set to release its comprehensive, online Child Rights Toolkit, which addresses the specific challenges children in Canada face in accessing justice. The toolkit will be available, free, to legal professionals and the general public, and officially launched on Thursday, May 11 at 9 am. The launch MORE